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We are a group of citizens dedicated to helping individuals live with dignity, comfort and peace as they near the end of life. The mission of the Mid-South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethics is to educate and support  community members and providers concerned with issues from chronic or serious illness through end of life.  We are delighted to have you join us.

The next Mid-South Coalition for Comfort Care and Bioethics (MCCCB) Community Meeting will be held from 5:30 - 7:30 PM on  Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at Trezevant Terrace, located at 3437 Waynoka Avenue.  The program will be entitled Life's Last Decision: When and How Do I Want to Let Go?  As usual, the meeting will begin with a potluck supper.  If you plan to bring food, please e-mail Emily at or call her at (901) 626-4233 to let her know what you will bring. 


A discussion group

This program, Life’s Last Decision:  When and How Do I Want to Let Go, will focus on options for care and treatment when a person’s condition has reached the point that no options are available to cure or to stabilize the condition.  At this point, further curative treatment is likely only to extend the suffering of the individual.  This discussion group will focus on options for care available in Tennessee for the person, including doing everything to try to cure, palliative care to treat symptoms, and choices provided by Tennessee’s Right to a Natural Death Act.  Brief information will be provided on Death with Dignity, which is not available in Tennessee, but is in a few other states. The objective of the program is to provide information so that each attendee is able to consider and decide what his or her Last Decision will be.

Panelists who will present relevant information include Austin Dalgo, MD,  physician/bioethicist,  Jeri Ashley, RN, MSN, palliative care nurse and Angela Boisseau, BS, and Ashley Huddleston, MPS, law students from the Elder Law Clinic at the University of Memphis Law School, accompanied by Donna Harkness, JD, professor/supervising attorney/director of that clinic.  The program will then provide an opportunity for the attendees to discuss Life’s Last Decision.

2017 MCCCB Consumer Education Presentations

This year we are extending the reach of our Community Education Programs to additional public libraries and to senior centers. 

An MCCCB Consumer Education Program, Advance Care Planning-It Always Seems Too Early, Until It's Too Latewill be held from 11:30 PM to 1:00 PM on Saturday, May 20, 2017,  at the Millington Public Library, located at 4858 Navy Road in Millington, TN.

Talking with your loved ones openly and honestly, before a medical crisis happens, gives everyone a shared understanding about what matters most to you. 

● Do you know what the conversation is?

● Have you had the conversation with your loved ones?

● Do you know that an advance care plan is the best gift you can give to your loved ones?

● Do you know what health care treatments you would and would not want if you could not speak for yourself?

● Do other people know what your wishes are?

● If you had a choice, do you know how you would want to spend your last days?

You are invited to attend an open discussion on advance care planning.  Come and hear why making a decision now is better than later and how you can get started on the process. 

Speaker:  L. Sue Stevens, MSW, LCSW, Social Worker; President, MCCCB

MCCCB Consumer Education Presentations are usually held in Meeting Room A of the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library located at 3030 Poplar Avenue.

Directions: Waynoka Avenue crosses Highland between Walnut Grove and Sam Cooper Boulevard.  Turn west off Highland onto Waynoka, and the Trezevant entrance will be on your left.  Tell the guard that you will be attending the Comfort Care meeting.  Head to your right across the parking lot as you enter, then left, and follow the signs.  Circle to your left, and you will come out in front of the Terrace.  Enter through the double doors and turn right in front of the desk.  The activity room where we will meet will be the second door on your right.  For additional information, please contact Emily at (901) 626-4233 or 

Audio recordings of the talks and discussion from the programs on:

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NOTES on Dr. Shade's presentation entitled "Hope and Meaning Near the End of Life" Dr. Shade teaches Philosophy at Rhodes College.

We send out a monthly Comfort Care Update and periodic announcement of events of interest via listserver. To join our e-mail list and be kept up to date with our meeting times and places, e-mail Emily at efoxhill (at) aol (dot) com and ask to be added to the Comfort Care e-list.